A list of product names along with suggestions for finding an appropriate key blank for the product.

Use your browser's search mechanism (Ctrl-F) or else scroll to find a name.

This listing is a bit out of date, so with your help, we would like to expand it.  If you find a lock or product and can identify the key blank used on it, please let us know so that we can add it to our list.

This will benefit you and others in the future.

The idea and original information for this page came from Blue Dog (The Key Company), who probably has all the blanks that are listed here.
Key blank numbers are by Ilco, Silca, and Blue Dog.

A-H   1003M, 1069LB
Abus padlocks See Blue Dog #65½
Abus spare tire lock 1069LB, 1069N
Abus padlock   1000F, 1000P, SLA15
Ace padlock 1141GE, 1092NTG
Ace tubular key 1137B
Ace   C1041L
Acme padlock 1092, 1092N
Acorn   1123, A54B, O1122, O1122A
Acrolock night latch 999
Acro Welch   999
Action padlock 1000, X1014F, S1096LN, 1092, 
O1007LN, N1069B, 1171
Action bike lock Korea X1014F
Adams aircraft O1014J, A1001ABM
Adams Rite glass door 1145, 999, 1054WB
Ademco burglar alarm 1098M, K1122D, 1518, Medeco restricted
ADM padlock 1307A, 1145
Advance Affiliate   1120D, 1092
Aero Commander   999
Aero Lock   999
Age Sears desk lock O1122, O1122A
Age sliding door 1001PZ and See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Age lock Japan O1122, O1122A
Aimsco   1099M, O1122AR
Airplanes   L1054B
Airstream RV 1125A, H1054B
Alba padlock P1098C
Alba Mexico gate lock A1, A3
Alco   1132
Aldora   999
Alford Manufacturing   999
All #1 desk O1122, 1120D
All Steel desks, cabinets 1069N, O1122, 1000F, O1122A, 1041T
Allen cash register O1122
Allen Organ   1000V
Allied   1014
Allouette   O1122, O1122A
Alma desk O1122, 1069N, O1122A
Almer   1054FN
Almet   AE1, 1145A, 1179
Alpenhauser   1007RMB
Alpha file cabinet 1307A, 997E
Alpha freezer Y12
Alpha padlocks 997E
Alpha alarm/wheel lock X6, X7
Alpha/Tec cash registers See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Amana freezer 1069N, O1122A, 1069FL
Amarlite deadbolt 999
Amarr T-handles SL20, 1120F
American Deluxe   1003M
American Devices padlocks, etc. 1000V, 100eM, N1054WB, 1069LB, 
R1064E, 997E
American Lock padlocks 1041C, 1045, A1041U, 1041B
American Metals   999, Y11, Y12
American Van Products cam lock O1122
Amerock   AK22W, 1179, 1022B, R1064E
AMF bike lock 101AM, 1000
AMF bowling locker AP1, AP2, AP3, AP4
AMMA furniture BD763?
AMMA vending 1611, 1620?
Ampex video tape machine 1003M
Amsec Firestar safe SY4, SY8
Anaconda Aluminum   999, 999B
Anderson French door WR5
Anderson Hickey file cabinets HAW1 to HAW4
Anderson Window   N1054WB, O1122, O1122B, 1145
Animex scooter scooter X119
APO knob locks, deadbolts IN3
Apollo Sears knobset 1307A
Arax   M1
Archer switch lock 1098M, O1122AR
Arco profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Arco-Rifkin bank bags 1130, 1130R, 1131, 1131R
Arctic Cat snowmobile 1040C, R1040C, 1041Y, CH7, 
O1122, O1122A, and Yamaha blanks
A.R.E. tonneau cover BD434, 322861 Strattec
Ariens   1127ES
Aris   Y11
Aristocrat RV Same as Bargman
Armstrong cable lock BD197
Arrow padlock AR1, AR4
Art Metal office furniture 1069N, R1000V, Y11, Y12
Asco file cabinets O1122A, 997JA
Astro pickup topper 1560
Atari arcade games Y11
Atco padlock 1054WB, CO54
Atkinson & Long trunk T36, T44, T95, T96, T97
Atlas padlock 1170B
Atlas Ansonia   IN2, K2, L1
Aurora furniture CG1
Austin Hardware   Y11
Auth Electric Co.   1069N
Auth-Florence mailbox R1003M
Auto Burglar Alarm   1098M, O1122AR
Auto City Products   O1122, O1122A, L1122B
Bach Germany L1054B
Baldwin Prestige 1145, 1145A, 1510, 1511, KW11
Banner   KW1
Bargman RV L1054M, K1054B, K1122B, K1122C, K1122N, 
L1098M, K1122D, 1761B, IN24, Y103
Barrecrafters ski rack N1069B, 1069V, 1069E, 1069N
Barrows   1021B, 1021A
Basco Briggs & Stratton See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Baton   Y54, 1041DX, DB264 (original)
Batu bicycle lock AP5
Bauer   O1122, O1122A, O1122B, O1122C, 
O1122BE, 1069N, 1618, 1618R, BD247
Bayer pickup cap Y11, Y12
Bayport   WR3
Beco   IL1
Belknap   See Slaymaker
Bell   X1014F, 1092, 1054K, 999, 
O997E, L1054B
Bell cable lock 997DB
Belleville   1036, 1036G, 1036S, 1036SF, 1036U
Belnap Hardware   X1014F, 1011, N1011P, EA27, KW1, SC1
Belwith   D1098X, 1092, 1120D, 1098M, 997E, 997EB, SL1
Bendix boats, planes 1069N, O1122
Berloy cabinet locks 1125A
Better Built tool box BD247, BAU3, O1122R, O1122AR, TM15
Bezons   VW32
Big Dog motorcycle THI-P, YH50
Big Max truck tool box BD247, BAU3, O1122R, O1122AR, TM15
Big Sky Racks gun rack IN29, 1054UN
Bike Pal padlock M10, VR91
Bill Corp.   CO106
Bilt-Rite   1023
Bird padlock 999
Black Knight padlock 999
Blaco   1054K, 1176, 1004
Blau gas cap TR38
Bluegrass   N1011P
Boats see specific name  
Bobcat loader CH4, 1642, E1098JD, GH1, 1970AM
Bobrick   Y12, S1000V, SR1000V, E114
Bolen   O1122, 1137B
Bomag   MRT1RP, 1642, NE10, 1674
Bommer mailboxes 1003M, R1003M, 1069LC
Bommer spring hinge NA12
Brainard Mfg. Co.   999,O1122
Branded fork lift 62FS
Bricklin   RA4
Briggs & Stratton   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Brinks   1145, 1065D, 1065E
Brinks padlock VR7/VR91AR (40mm), VR5/VR91B (30mm)
Brinks safe BD551, 1636
Bronx, NY   L1003M
Brook deadbolt AR1
B-SS-Bane Sekunie   Y11
Buddy scooter X151
Buffalo   Y1, Y52
Bull/Bully tail gate lock B59, X162
Bulldog hitch lock 1645
Bumil safes BD551, 1636
Burich Co.   1054
Cabelas truck tool box BD247, BAU3, O1122R, O1122AR, TM15
Cable Lock   1098M, 1528
Calmet   1179, 1022
Camel Honk Kong padlock 1000V, 1046
Campbell Chain   1069N
Campers See specific name  
Canada Post   1003M, P54F, 752, 1558, 1594
Canada Builder   25
Capp   1054K
Caravelle   O1122
Cargo Max truck box L1054G
Carmel Steel Products   1145
Case tractor door FIC1, T61B
Cat padlocks X1000FR, 1092, 999, 192
Caterpillar earth movers 1560, BD171
Caterpillar fork lift DC2, TA6, 1596
Cavalier chest, trunk 1069N, 1069W
CCL Corbin Cabinet Lock See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Cemex   1548, 1549, 1550
Center padlock 1041E
CES profile cylinders 1145, 999
CES mortise lock Y54, 997
Cessna aircraft C1054B, O1122, O1122B
Cessna desk lock O1122
Champ portable lift IN29
Chalet padlock CO62, M10, M19, AB62E
Challenger aka Hollymade 1170, and see Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Change-O-Matic   1000V
Channell padlock X12
Chateau padlock 997ER, 997EB, Y52, AB62ER, AB62E
Checker auto taxicab 1098M
Chesler   1014, 1127ES, 1127DP, O1122, 1178
Chester RV 1127ES
Chevy van   1041T
Cheyenne RV 1069N
Chicago   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Chicago  freezer lock 1069N
Chicago patio door   O1122
Chrysler boats   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Chuckamkee   62CKK
Cisa padlocks See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition and: 1079, 1016, O1122, 997E
Clark fork lift 1430
Classic thermostat 1541
Clinton   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Clocks wind-up keys 669
Clopay aka DNS X1014F, X1014L, O1122, 1069L, 1537
Club steering wheel lock CB1, CB2, CB3, CB4, ..., X252, X246
Clubcar golf cart CC1, 1098JD
Clum mostly boats See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Coachman RV, trailers Same as Bargman
Cobra Trailer   1041E
Cole Hersee (Hersey)   1098M, O1122, O1122A, O1122AR
Compactor Trash compactors 1000V, O1122
Concord    1079, 1022
Console cam lock, GM vans etc. BD1, CON1 (Jet)
Cool Vent Tool sheds 1000V, O1122
Corbin (Europe)   CB6 Silca
Corey Jamestown   R1064E, 1069N, O1122, O1122A
Craftsman aka Sears See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition (under Elgin)
Craftsman riding mower D1098JD
Craftsman Tool box 1098M, 1041N, 1041E, 1041T, 752
Craftsman Tool box O1122A, O1122AR, R1096EN, 1605
Crawford door   1176
Crook Bar   1098M, 6FS, 1125A
CRS trailer ball lock X132
Cruzval brake lock PA6
CTP   1645, R62VA?
Curabuilt steel locker/file cabinet 1037A
Cutler Federal mailbox L1003M, 1181C
Cypher   1041T
D&D Technology Pool gates LF18
Dirak   K1122N, GH1
Dasco   1022
Dauphin   1098M, O1122A
Dawes-Betterbilt tool box X7
Deal-Tite   1098M
Deco trailers, RVs 1041T, O1122A, O1122B
Deco   S1096JN, DECO-1, DECO-D, BD30, BD31
Delta truck toolbox 1529, 1536, 1620
Deluxe padlocks 192, try Viro blanks
Detex door alarms 1054UN, O1122, N1069B
Diamond   1001EN, X1000FR, 999
Diamond safes BD551, 1636
Dictograph   C999
Diplomat safes BD551, 1636, also use XL7
Dirak fire control panels EMK1 (Silca), FT43, GH1
Ditch Witch   SIM2
Dog brand (not Blue Dog) 1046
Dom profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Dominion lockset DO5, DO6
Dominion mailbox 752
Dominion deadbolts, rim locks S54F
Dong Hwa safes DONG HWA, BD91, BD4
Donner   1054K, 1176, 1092M, 1307A
Donner   1145, 192, 1176
Door King gate operator BD161, K84 (Fort)
Dorey   X1014F
Dorn padlocks 1170, 192, 1145, 999
Dune buggy   O1122
Duralast truck tool box BD247, BAU3, O1122R, O1122AR, TM15
Durand locker 1033A
Durasteel   1098M, 1000V, 999, O1122, H1054SR
E-Z Set night latches 1179, 1022, 1054K
Eagle cash register O1122B, O1122BE
Eagle #SXJB1 X1014F
Eagle electric switch EAGLE
Eagle padlock 1521, 1533
Earle   1119, 1119S
Earth movers   SIP15, BH11, RC2
Eberhard tool box, camper shell, truck bed cover 1623, BD247, 1676(BAU3), 1650(TM16)
Econo Truck Club F91C
Eldecor   X1001KC
Elcon   O1122, O1122A
Elgin   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Elixir pre-cut Not available; use 1307A
Elixir   1054K, D1054K, 1179, 1022
Elset   1179, 1022
Emco   1000F, O1122, 1528
EMKA   EMK1, X109, FT43
Emtek   1510, 997E
Eskilstuna Mobella boat locks MBL1R, BD6, BD6R
Everlasting trunks T36, T44, T95, T96, T97
Evinrude boats OM10
Excel padlocks 1022, 999, EX1
Ez Go golf cart 1561, 1562
Fanal   A1, A3, 1170, 1022, 1551, 1552, R63, R64
Faultless knob locks, deadbolts X1054K
Fealty profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Fenco file cabinet 1003M
Federal padlock 1045
Fenestra   1007RMA, 1007RMB
Ferum phone lock 1000V
FIC utility locks BD120P, 1617
Filing cabinets   Look under specific name 
First Watch   CO7, CO68, 1098M, Y32, M1, A1045,
1041TR, B1, Y52, 1014J, 1671
First Watch patio door WR5
Fleur de lys   1022,, 1176, 1069N
Fold-A-Cover truck cover Y103
Ford tractor 1569, 1570, 1592
Fork lift   1430, 1496, 1583, also see individual name brand
Fortress   1176, KW1-IMP, 1069N, 1176, 1145, 1041C, 1045
Fortress   1098M, D1054K, 1092, 192, R1054E, 1022
Forward lock   1001EH
Fox Police lock   1011, 1011A, 1079
Fraim See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition 1079, 1073, 1073K
Franklin   S625P
Freezer pre-cuts See Blue Dog #75½
Freightliner   1588
Frigidaire freezer 1041T, 1069N, 1069G
Fulton   1645, 1645R, DO1M, B-9, 1098L, B-13, 1098DB,
O1122, O1122AR, 1000T, 1001JL
Fury   1022
GE freezer   1069L, 1069N, 1069FL
Garage door lock   X1014L, X1014F, 1054DL
Gas caps   try 1098GX, Y12G
Gay Lite   L1010N
GEK (Corbin)   1000X
GEM profile cylinders UL050 Silca
GEM Global Electric Motorcar 1542
GEM top pickup cover O11212
General Fireproofing   1000V, 1125A, GF1069
Genie garage door 1041G
GEO profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Gerstner tool boxes 1013G, 1013GR
Glastron boat 1098M
Glass Ply boat H51
Globe Wernecke   O1122B
GM consoles CON1 (Jet)
Goal   GL1, GL2, GL3, GL4, GL5
Golf carts   BD9, BD10, BD11, BD12,
BD34, BD35
Gorilla Guard   100AM
Grainger thermostat cover Y-13 (code "Grainger")
Grayhill   1041H
Grumman Olson   BD82
Guard padlocks Master, Viro, MDK, Squire
Guild   1179, 1069L, 1170, 1011P
Guild   1141GE, 1175, O1122AR
Gulf North   O1122
Gullock   1069N
Häfele Hafele, Haefele BD68, BD96, BD97, BD143,
L6S, LAS blanks
Handcuffs Smith & Wesson S&W, 6750
Hard   1307A, 997E
Harley Davidson luggage compartment 1527, 1527R
Harley Davidson motorcycles www.motorcyclekeys.com
Harp   997E
Harpa   1022
Haskell   1000F, 1041T
Hatteras   BD33, BD131, BD132,
BD165, OKB166
Haworth office furniture HAW2, HAW3, HAW1, HAW4
Hawthorne office furniture 1043B
HD truck tool box BD247, BAU3, O1122R, O1122AR, TM15
Heher   1069N, O1122A
Heli forklift X121
Hero padlock 1098M, 1000V
High Point desk 999
Hillman padlock VR91AR
Hilok   1171
HMP desks 1069N
Holga   1571
Holiday Rambler RV 1098M
Hon file cabinet 1556, Key News #53, Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Hon   1003M, 997E
Hong Kong mortise lock 1022
Hong Kong CKK   999
Hong Kong LL   999
Hong Kong York Guard   1022
Hot Shot   1022
Hotpoint freezer 1041G
Hudson cam locks Key News 60 and 56½; Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Hudson garage door 1098M
Hudson mailboxes 1003M, R1003M
Hurd padlocks 1125A, 1125D, O1122A
Hurd tool boxes 1536, Key News #57; Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Hyster fork lift 1430
Hyundae knob locks, deadbolts X1054K
IBM reset switch 1043B, 1054UN
Ideal   O1122, O1122A, O1122B, 1043B
Ideal Security   ID1, 1041T, 1041E, 997E, 1022,
1179, O1122A, 1092B
IIT padlock 1098M
Ilco night latch 1054FN, 1054DL, 1054MT
Indiana office furniture 1069N, O1122, 1096EN
International Harvester Trovill RVs P1098A, 1970AM, H1098X
International trucks 1098M, 1970AM
International Harvester tractor 1970AM, T61B
International Products   1011
Invincible   1041T
ISEO profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Iseo   1099, 1016
Jasper/Jesper desks O1122
JCB backhoe, forklift MRT1, MRT1R, 1642
Jeep   see AMC, Chrysler
Jensen mailbox 1180S
Jofco desk 1069W, 1069N
John Deere tractor 1519, 1098JD, C1098JD, BD145
John Sterling cabinets 1043B
Johnson boats   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition, Chrysler/Mercury
Junkunc padlocks See American padlocks
K. V.   O1122, O1122B, 1069N
Karrite car top carrier LF12-SI
Kason refrigerators, step vans 1000H, CG16
Kawasaki motorcycles www.motorcyclekeys.com
Kawneer   999, Y1
Kennedy tool box 1557, 1565
Kennedy tool box 1000V, S1000T, 1000VS, 102AM
Kennedy tool box See Excelsior suitcase keys
Kenworth trucks 320734, 596807 Strattec; 1098DB, K1994
King profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Kirk   BD151
Knaack toolboxes O1122, O1122A, 1041E, BD512, 1970AM, 1574
Knape & Vogt KV90   O1122, O1014JS
Kobalt tool box BD247, BAU3, O1122R, O1122AR, TM15, 752
Kone people mover 1645R
Komatsu forklift 1519
KP manufacturing file drawers O1122
Kryptonite   1567, BD49, BD122, BD121, BD89, BD168
Kubota tractors, welder 1539, 1540, BD110 to BD114,
OKB115, OKB116, BD158, BD555
Kwikset  padlocks 1167, 1096FL, 1096FM
Kymco scooter KYM1P, KYM1RP
L&F RVs See Bargman
LaBelle   1000, 1004, 999
Lacasse furniture Y11, IN8
Lane  cedar chest LC1069
Larson boat 1040A
Larson storm doors 1054G, L1054B
Lawn tractors mowers 666
LCA lockers LCA
Lebeco   999
Leco padlock 999
Leer truck caps 1640
Lenlock   LL1
Leviton pre-cut Key News 56½, Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
LF England trash compactor SC1041S, B3
LiftKing forklift MRT1RP
Lightning phone lock 1154L
Linda Vista RV 1127ES
LL desks, padlocks 1041T, 1000
Lock-O-Phone phone lock 1154L
Lori   X1014L, X1014F, #80
Lorie Products   1041C
Lowe & Fletcher   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Lowe & Fletcher gas cap LF16
Loxem   1001EN, X1054K
LSDA   1522
LTC tool box 1611, 1611R
Lucas   LU1, LU2 precuts, or K1122D
Lucky   1054TW
Ludell padlock 997E, 1022
Luggage   See Blue Dog luggage brochure
Lund tonneau cover X7
Lustre Line   1004, 1307A, O1122A, D1054K, 1022, 1175N, 1054K
Lynor CN751 O1122
Lyon desk 1041G, 997E, L1122B
Lyons locker 1303S
Mac Tools toolbox 1605
Mack trucks pre-cut DAV10
Mag patio door AGE2, A191 (Taylor)
MAG   1041TR (shortened)
Magic Eye   999
Magnum padlock  1092D 
Mag wheel lock   1127ES, 1041T, O1122
Mailboxes See name brand  
Markon   1069N
Mark   999
Marks   1179, 1145
Marlette RV 1054WB
Master padlocks See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Mastercraft tool box 1054UN
McDowell Craig   O1122
McGunn safe BD551, 1636
MCM profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Medalist   R1064E, 1069N
Medart   1326, 1332, 1332S
Medeco restricted, plus: 1515, A1515, 1517, A1517, 1518, 1542,
1543, 1638, A1638, 1644, 1655
Medeco Patriot 1687
Melex golf cart BD12
Mercury outboard motors See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Meridian file cabinet O1122B, 1041T
Meroni furniture locks MER2, MER23, MER24
Mer-Pel vending BD159
Mesan   X109
Metal vent   1022
Metal-Rousseau   MR1, MR2, M64
Metropolitan moped HON64BP, HON64RBP(Silca)
Micro-Switch USA   HV61
Mircom   S1000V
Mister Minute   999
Mitchell   1041T
Mitsubishi tractor 1583, 1596
MMF   1041T, O1122, 1092VR
Mobella Marine/boats MBL1, MBL1R, BD6, BD6R
Moleba   O1122, O1122A
Monarch   X1054K
Monterey   O1122
Montgomery Ward freezers 1069N
Mortise Sears lock sets 1092N
Moss   1145, 1054K, D1054K, 1176
Motorcycles all brands www.motorcyclekeys.com
Moto Ski   O1122, O1122A
Multi-Lock 1022   1022
NAPA   X1014F
Nasco Night latch 1022
National padlocks See Viro, MDK, Squire, Master
National Cabinet   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
National Cash Register   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
National E-Z Set knob locks 1177N
National Rockford   R1064E, R1064D, 1064D
NCR read key X1000FR
NCR reset switch 1043B
NCR/Wesko cam lock LF7
New Holland LB620 Loader Backhoe 1430
Neiman boat Volvo Penta 62DN, 62DS, NE10
Nesco   1022
Newman trunks T73, T74, T75
NJ Xerox 1069L, 1069N
NLCO National Lock 1545
Northern Tool truck tool box BD247, BAU3, O1122R, O1122AR, TM15
Norwalk   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Oasis Trailer/RV O1122
Odeon dune buggy 1120D
Ojmar office furniture HR1(Silca),OJ6R(Silca), OJ12R(Silca)
Olympic   1171, 1171B
Olympic RV 1307A, 1146
Olympus padlock 1003A, D4292, SC1
On Guard   O1122A, K1122D, 997E
Otasco freezer O1122
Overhead garage door 999, 1004, 1141GE, X1014L
Packer   1145
Pado   1565, 1528, 1528R
Panda padlock 1000V, O1122
Parker   PKR1, 1307A, 1145, 999, D1054K,
102, 1145E, 1004, 1170
Paymaster   1041H
PDQ   1145
Peachtree door   1054WB
Pearle 829   O1122
Peebee   1175, 1054FN
Peerless padlock 999
Penncraft lockset R1064E
Penta Volvo boat NE10, VW71
Petco aka Kwikset 1176
Peterbilt trucks 320774, 597915 Strattec; 1098DB, K1994
Pexto mortise cylinder 1023
PGO scooter X151
Phillips Mexican A1, A2, A3
Piper aircraft O1122
Pittco   1145
Playcat   O1122A
Polaris ATV, snowmobile www.motorcyclekeys.com
Pollak fork lift 1430
Pollak   1014JS, O1122, O1122A, OM10
Popular Mechanic padlock VR91AR
Porsche locking compartment DM60
Post Office boxes Y2R
Post Office vans 1524
President   1171
Presto luggage T60, T88, T89
Prevost bus OKB85
Prince   X1014F
Public Storage padlock 999E
PYCM-   X1014F, X1014L
Qualitex   1069N
Queen cam lock L1054G
Rabbit   997E
Rad   L1054B
Radio Shack alarm 101AM, 102AM, 103AM
Rawson-Koenig   1595
Reading tool box 1623
Red Diamond   1141GE
Reese Universal coupler CH6
Reinel   1098M
Rex padlock F44
Rickel   1179
Ride Guide boat steering column H51
Rifkin   O1122B
Rifkin bank bags See ARCO
Riopel mailbox 1503, 1003M
Ripa   1092
Rival   1022
RNL (Roll-N-Lock) tonneau cover BD247
Road Pro utility trailer lock IN28
Robert Shaw gas cap 1546
Robert Shaw thermostat cover 1560
Robin Hood Cadet cabinet 1043D
Rockaway metal desk 1043D, 1120D
Rockford   see National
Ronis bike lock 997E
Ronko padlock 999
Rubbish Sears compactor 1000V
Ruby profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Ruckus moped HON64BP(Silca), HON64RBP(Silca)
Rugol padlock X1054K, 1022
Ruko padlock 999
Ryan Homes RV 1175N, 1054WB
Sabre padlock try 111B
S.A.F.E. padlock 1092, 1145, 1001EH
Safe   SF10, 1049D, 1049E
Safe-T-Check   X1054K
Sager   1047, 1047CR, C999
Samsonite   See Blue Dog luggage brochure
Sandusky   L6FM
Sanyo cash register 1069FL
Schroeder Thompson   O1122, ES8M, L1054B, 759ST
Scorpion boat O1122, O1122A, 1040A, 1096EN
Seabird sliding door Slideco/PrimeLine S4060-1
Seabrine boat CH4
Sears freezer 1069N
Sears trash compactor 1000V
SEC truck tool box BD247, BAU3, O1122R, O1122AR, TM15
Security safe locks SY9, SC1098X, O1122B, SC1176
Security mail box 1559
Selby   O1122A
Sentry safe door SS4, SS5
Shasta RV O1122, 1000V
Shaw Walker   1568, 1534
Shibaura tractor 1570
Shur-Lock CB radio 1000
Sidewinder boat 1098M
Signare   O1122
Simplex Ilco Unican 1000 1054UN
Sisco safe SY1
Ski racks Sears 1041H
Ski Doo   1098M, O1122, O1122A, 1098DB
Skillman   R1001EN
Slaymaker   See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
SMC   IL11
Snap-On tool boxes 1527, 1527R, 1041TR
Snowmobiles see brand names or: 1041A, 1092V , 1092N, 1120D, O1122, X54
Solon   S42
Southco precut for RVs BDK1, also see Blue Dog #75½
Southern desk R1064E
SP profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Spair Hong Kong 1016
Spartan   1098M, 999, 1145, 997E
Spartan  cash box 1092B
Spice   1043B
Sport 20-SV Sears LF12 Silca
Square D electric switch O1122R, N1069B
Squire padlocks MDK, Viro, Master
SS brass padlock 1092N
Stack-On   1042A
Stahl toolbox BD120M, shorten 1573A?, 1623
Stanley night latch 1069N, O1122
Stant gas cap 1098GX
Star profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Starcraft RV O1122A, O1122C, 1041G
Steelcase 'S100' Office furniture S1041JA, 1502, CG22, 101AM to 104AM
Steering wheel lock Japan K1122D
Storm King   O1122A
Strattec utility lock, toolboxes 322861 Strattec, BD434
Super Lock Products   1011
Superior Safes BD551, 1636
Superior Performance wheel lock CH4
Switches light switches 1425, TS149, TS150, BD71, BD7,
Taco padlock 999, 999A
Takeuchi   BD17
Taxi padlock 1098M
Taynor   999
Tegco   TG1, 1013BF, 1014F, X1014L
Teknion   1502
Telco   1022, 999
Testa   1092
Thermostats   1541
Thule ski racks LF12 Silca, X132
Thunderbird boat O1122
Timberline office furniture 1043J, BD84, BD126
Tire locks   997E, O1122, 1041Y, K1122D, O1122A
Tire locks   DM110, DM63, GE33, GE10
Titan   6-pin Kwikset
Tofco   1069W
Tok   997E
Tonneau pickup bed covers BD247, 1623
Tool box Sears 1041T, R1096EN
Topper RV O1122A
Topps freezer 62FS
Tower   1000F, X1000FR, 192
Tractor, Ford   1569, 1570
Tractors Ignition pre-cuts See Blue Dog #74½
Tractor Supply tool box X57
Trash compactor   D1098B, X25
Travco padlock 1000V
Trelock   1092, 1092B
T Rex backhoe TR40
Trey   1176
Triangle   1022, 997E
Tri/Mark RV, toolbox TM1 to TM4, TM6 to TM10, TM12 to TM15, BD157,
BD163, BD64
Trimguard   1179
Trojan boat L1003M
Trojan   1176
Trovill RV P1098A, 1970AM, H1098X
Troy   1176
Tuberlite   1004, 1004A
Tuftest   1022, 999
Tundra   O1122, O1122A
U.S. Lock   1179, 1145
U-Haul padlocks BD54 to BD57
Under Cover truck bed cover 1617
Unican   1041T
Union (Wilmot Breeden Union) Various British cars
Unimog some ignitions BD250
Uno profile cylinders UL050 Silca
Union West padlocks 1092NTG
Uniprise padlocks Master, Viro, MDK
Unison Knob and lever locks SC1
Unit padlock   X1014F
Valley Forge   O1122
Van Buren   X1054K
Vanguard   1069W
Vassar   1023
Vaultz (stamped 101) storage file 1000K
Vee Industrials desk lock/garage 1043D
Versa-Guard   1069H
Vimcar   1171, X1054K
Ving Card   TO7
Viro padlocks See Ilco Catalog 12th Edition
Visa   SC1
Vito   O1122AR
Viva padlock Same as Viro, Squire
Vizo padlock Same as Viro, Squire
VOD (Moss)   X1054K
Vogt KV90 Knapp O1122
Volkswagen RV FT6R, VW71A, VW67S
Wago Hong Kong 1022
Waling Industries tire lock O1122
Walker lawn mower CH3
Walsco padlock 102VM or Viro or MDK
Wartian Lock Co.   999, O1122, 1170B
Waso Volvo gas cap X17
Waterloo tool box 1605, L1054B
Welka profile cylinders 997ER, UL051 Silca
Wesko/NCR cam lock LF7
Wessel   O1122B
West Alloy Die RV Same as Bargman
Wheel locks   DM110, DM63, GE33, GE10
Whirlpool  trash compactor 1098M
Whitlock   1069N
Williams Craft RV 1069N, 1127ES
Wilson-Bohannon AR keyway 1178
Wind cam lock O1122
Wind cam lock R1096EN
Wind mailbox 1634/WN1, 1041TR
Winfield Sears WF1
Winkhaus   999A or High Security
Winnebago RV K1122D, 1041E
Wire Rope padlock 1092B
Wonderlock padlock 1041G
Woodbine Industries sliding glass door 1041E, O1122BR, X1014F, 1054UN
Woolco   X1014F
World Lock Co.   999
Worthington   X1054F, 1022, O1122
Wright padlock 999
Wright screen door WTP2
Wright Sears padlock O1122
Wright   1616, L1054B
X-Cargo Sears carrier LF12-SI
Xerox NJ 1069L, 1069N
XL mailboxes 1180S, 1182, 1145, 1170
Yakima ski/roof rack LF12-SI
Yale telephone lock 1069H, 1069N
Yamaha motorcycles www.motorcyclekeys.com
Yanmar   BD50, BD51, BD52, BD127
Yardini   999
Year   21092
York   1022, 999
Yotro   62DG
Zaths Bakol tire lock 997E
Zeiss-Ikon   See Börkey, JMA, Ilco catalogs
Zenith Arnov   999A
Zenn electric car SX11BP